Monster Rally – Orchids

Purveyor of exotic beats, Ted Feighan, aka Monster Rally is back with a new full-length album, Return to Paradise, after a move from Ohio to Los Angeles.

Having survived the lounge resurgence of the early 90s, all I can say is that I wish a lot of the bandwagon jumpers back in the day knew what Monster Rally knows now. To pull off an album as tropical and martini-soaked as this and still be infinitely listenable you need to stay heavy on the cool, light on the cheese.

Gold Robot Record‘s description of the album says it best:

As with his past releases, Feighan is eager to have his passport stamped, reluctant to stay in one paradise for too long. His wanderlust samplings travel from Peru to Japan, Detroit to Maui, and Ghana to Barcelona expressing the pageantry and ceremony of destinations only the truly intrepid have tasted before.

By the time Return to Paradise drops in late October, no doubt its lush sultry vibe will leave us all longing for lazy sun-drenched beach days with wind-swept hair and a few too many tiki drinks.

Here’s the first single, Orchids:

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