The Revolution Summer 003

  • 12:00pm This Is Not Love Song by The Juliana Theory on understand this is a dream (Tooth & Nail)
  • 12:02pm Terry V. Tori by You Blew It! on Grow Up Dude (Topshelf Records)
  • 12:08pm Orange Cat by Grown Ups on More Songs (Top Shelf )
  • 12:11pm Victim Kin Seek Suit by The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die on Formlessness (Broken World Media)
  • 12:14pm Wilds Arms by Apple of Discord on You Are Not the Answer (Engineer)
  • 12:18pm I'm Trying by Roanoke on Beautiful People (Driftwood)
  • 12:22pm Paper Airplane, Paper Heart by Everyone Asked About You on Everyone Asked About You (Landmark)
  • 12:25pm Benju & The Pig Men by Ache Hour Credo on Demo (Self Released)
  • 12:29pm Boarded Room by The Pine on Lead Blocks For Feet (Alone)
  • 12:33pm How It Feels To Be Something On by Sunny Day Real Estate on How It Feels To Be Something On (Sub Pop)
  • 12:36pm I'm Never Coming Home by Penfold on Your Eyes Have All The Answers (Hearts Drown)
  • 12:41pm Let You Go by Southtown Lanes on Split (Ronald)
  • 12:45pm Driving by Dowsing on All I Could Find Was you (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  • 12:50pm Transcendental Deduction (Copernican Turn) by Prawn on You Can't Just Leave It All (Topshelf)
  • 12:54pm Pacifique by Speedwell on Emo Diaries Three (Deep Elm)
  • 12:58pm Tony Kukush by Dikembe on Chicago Bowls (Tiny Engines)
  • 1:03pm Secet Santa Cruz by The City On Film on I Would Rather Be Wine Drunk (Post436)
  • 1:08pm Copper and Stars by Planes Mistaken For Stars on Planes Mistake For Stars (Deep Elm)
  • 1:10pm Trouble by You'll Live on Moving past this (Dog Knights)
  • 1:14pm Gunner by Denali on Denali (Deep Elm)
  • 1:18pm St. Cecilia's by Animal Flag on LP (Broken World Media)
  • 1:21pm Opener by Crash of Rhinos on Knot (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  • 1:25pm What To Do In Case of Fire by Desert City Soundtrack on Contents of Distraction (Deep Elm)
  • 1:31pm Angel On Hiatus by Benton Falls on Guilt Beats Hate (Deep Elm)
  • 1:34pm Chihuly by Lemuria on The Distance Is So Big (Bridge 9)
  • 1:38pm West Coast by the Forecast on In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen (Victory)
  • 1:43pm I Feel Fine by Everyone Everywhere by Everyone Everywhere on Everyone Everywhere (Tiny Engines)
  • 1:46pm Living/Dreaming by Slingshot Dakota on Dark Hearts (Topshelf)
  • 1:50pm I typed for miles by jets to Brazil on orange rhyming dictionary (jade tree)
  • 11:59am How to Make Love Stay by Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) on What It Takes To Move Forward (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
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