The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Episode 64

  • 1:49pm UK74R1619010 by Aleksi Perälä on Connection (Aleksi Perälä)
  • 2:22pm De Tu Mano (Barrio Lindo Remix) by Chancha Via Circuito on Amansara Remixed (wonderwheel recordings)
  • 2:25pm Rumba Juankita (History of Colour Interpretation) by History of Colour, Barrio Lindo & El Búho on Calidoso (shika shika)
  • 2:28pm Sumaúma by GUAZÚ on GUAZÚ (shika shika)
  • 2:34pm Manana Tepotzlan by El Bu'ho on Cenotes - EP (wonderwheel )
  • 2:38pm Otono by Lagartijeando on El Gran Poder (wonderwheel)
  • 2:42pm Xanducero by Tuluz on V.A. (shika shika)
  • 2:45pm Ghosts of Park Place by Andrew Wasylyk on Themes for Buildings and Spaces (tape club)
  • 2:49pm Kumu (Harmonius Thelonius Remix) by DJ Khalab & Baba Sissoko on Kumu / Tata (wonderwheel)
  • 2:51pm Pintar el Sol (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) by Miriam García & Alicia Solans on Río Arriba (ZZK)
  • 2:58pm Oriens. Oriri by Clap! Clap! on A Thousand Skies (black acre)
  • 3:01pm Orange tree edits by go go go on afro edits vol 2 (-)
  • 3:04pm 15. The Soniferous Garden (Radio Edit) by Auntie Flo on The Soniferous Garden (sofrito)
  • 3:14pm Immortal Birds Diwali by Ccolo on Visions (multi culti)
  • 3:15pm Bango by Muno on Botanas: Muno (shika shika)
  • 3:17pm Obra Tres by Helado Negro on Private Energy (asthmatic kitty)
  • 3:20pm second wave by DJ Sports , CK & ph1 on irrelevant material (help)
  • 3:29pm remote by 2 bit crew on working distance (2 bit crew)
  • 3:30pm sojourning music by Maizena on sojourning music (no hands)
  • 3:34pm Sw by untitiled on - (sued)
  • 3:40pm basil by Dj central on basil (help)
  • 3:42pm Alphonse by forgotten memories on black Orpheus vol 1 (black Orpheus)
  • 3:54pm harken by Afriqua on - (-)
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