BRVS #10 (Copy)

with Total Trash Productions

  • 9:57am One and One by Miles Davis on On the Corner (Columbia)
  • 10:03am Trip to Your Heart by Sly and the Family Stone on A Whole New Thing (Epic)
  • 10:08am Sleep by Little Willie John on 15 Hits (King)
  • 10:11am Remember Love by Plastic Ono Band on 45 single (Apple)
  • 10:15am The Ankh of Amen-Ra by Alice Coltrane on Universal Consciousness (Impulse!)
  • 10:23am Why Not Start All Over Again by The Counts on Westbound Funk (BGP/Westbound)
  • 10:35am On Green Dolphin Street by The Miles Davis Quintet & Sextet on The Miles Davis Quintet & Sextet (Wax Time)
  • 10:36am Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers on Modern Lovers (Get Back)
  • 10:44am Beat Beat Beat by GG Allin on Alwayswas (Blitz)
  • 10:49am One Man Army by GG Allin on Alwayswas (Blitz Records)
  • 10:51am Chainsaw by Ramones on Ramones (Sire)
  • 10:51am You by Eater on The Album (Get Back)
  • 10:55am Public Toys by Eater on The Album (Get Back)
  • 11:06am Chuck Berry Holiday by Nobunny on Love Visions (1234 Go! )
  • 11:07am She Said by Hasil Adkins on Out to Hunch (Norton )
  • 11:10am Are You A Boy or Are You a Girl by Supercharger on Supercharger (Estrus)
  • 11:11am Can't Change My Style by Drags on Dragsploitation Now (Estrus)
  • 11:13am I Don't Think You Can Take by Subsonics on Everything is Falling Apart (Get Hip)
  • 11:15am Missile Me by Guitar Wolf on Missile Me (Matador)
  • 11:18am Maybellene by Chuck Berry on Greatest 20 Hits (Chess )
  • 11:19am Night Clubbing by Iggy Pop on The Idiot (RCA)
  • 11:30am Androngynous by The Replacements on Let It Be (Twin Tone )
  • 11:34am Hidden Charms by Link Wray on The Swan Singles (Sundazed)
  • 11:37am The Girl Can't Help It by Little Richard on Little Richard (Specialty )
  • 11:40am The Locomotion by Little Eva on Loco-motion (Dimension)
  • 11:42am The Guy With the Big Black Eye by The Angels on NA (NA)
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