The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/Davey Bones 5/16/2017!

  • 6:03pm Comfortably Numb by Collide on These Eyes Before (2009)
  • 6:08pm Wax and Wane by Cocteau Twins on Garlands (1982)
  • 6:12pm Christian Says by Tones On Tail on Single (1982)
  • 6:16pm Drowning by Sixth June on Pleasure EP (2013)
  • 6:21pm Dark by Gary Numan on Exile (1997)
  • 6:31pm Nothing Special by Big In Japan on From Y to Z and Never Again (1978)
  • 6:35pm Reactor by The Nots on We Are Nots (2014)
  • 6:39pm Distant Dreams Part 2 by Throbbing Gristle on Mission Of Dead Souls (1981)
  • 6:44pm Direct Lines by Electric Circus on Single (1981)
  • 6:48pm Degenerated Man by Pink Military on Do Animals Believe In God? (1980)
  • 7:15pm Queen Of All Things by Ego Likeness on Breedless (2010)
  • 7:17pm Gangsta's Paradise by Battery on Distance (1996)
  • 7:22pm Not Now, Not Here by The Fair Sex on Spell Of Joy (1992)
  • 7:27pm Darkangel by VNV Nation on Empires (1999)
  • 7:32pm Hate Vs Love by Hante. on This Fog That Never Ends (2016)
  • 7:41pm No Tears by Tuxedomoon on No Tears EP (1978)
  • 7:46pm Straight Lines by The Units on History Of The Units - The Early Years: 1977-1983 (2009)
  • 7:51pm Animals by Primary Colors on Animals (2011)
  • 7:54pm Golden Fawn by Bitter Fruit on Golden Fawn (2017)
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