The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Episode #67

  • 1:46pm Fish Music by Suzanne Ciani on Fish Music (Finders Keepers)
  • 2:00pm Raft 21 - Guayaquil to Tully by Mike Cooper on Raft (Visit
  • 2:04pm There by Road Hog on Haul Ass (Visit
  • 2:08pm glitter in my tears by Janek Schaefer on Glitter in my tears (Visit
  • 2:12pm Sun Kiss by Luna Monk on Sun Kiss (X-Kalay)
  • 2:26pm Eels by Pearson Sound on Robin Chasing Butterflies (-)
  • 2:26pm Memoir For Your Dream by Tlim Shug on Mosaics (Visit
  • 2:32pm £ by YLTCU on Controlled Folly (-)
  • 2:35pm LAMENTATION by Proc Fiskal on The Highland Mob (Visit
  • 2:37pm If I Wanted by Mr. Mitch on Devout (Visit
  • 2:41pm Big Rush by Tree Trunks on Big Rush (-)
  • 2:49pm Open Up The CV Gate by TILLIANDER on Compuriddim (-)
  • 2:49pm Omnii (Terekke's Sun Salutation Mix) by Bridge & Tunnel Kids on Mosaics (Visit
  • 3:00pm I Got The Rhythm (Club Mix) by Beautiful People on Somewhere In New York (-)
  • 3:02pm Novosti by Computer Graphics on Lo-Fi (Visit
  • 3:09pm Polygon by Deejay Astral on Various Artists [NV012] (Neo Violence)
  • 3:12pm Pea Soup by KOWTON on Pea Soup / Iodine (Livity Sound)
  • 3:19pm Eyes Low by Octo Octa on My Feelings Towards You (Love Notes From Brooklyn)
  • 3:23pm Constant by DJ Club 1235 on House Crime, Vol. 4 (-)
  • 3:29pm A Touch Of Jazz (Lifestyles Of The Rich mix) by Rhythm II Rhythm on Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1995 (Dance Mania)
  • 3:37pm Slippers on the Dancefloor by Kalla on Enter the Sponk (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)
  • 3:39pm Dancing In The Smoke by Actress on AZD (Ninja Tune)
  • 3:46pm Wanting and getting by Daniel M Karlsson on Wanting and getting (Visit
  • 3:51pm Sky Flowers by Anthony Naples on Us Mix EP (Visit
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