The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest Corey Gunderson 5/23/2017

  • 6:03pm Celebrate The Misery by Kill Switch...Klick on Beat It To Switch, Paint It To Match (1995)
  • 6:08pm Crescent and The Star by Sunshine Blind on Love The Sky To Death (1995)
  • 6:12pm The Sound Of Angels by Element on Goth's Undead (Cleopatra Comp) (1997)
  • 6:16pm Wallflower by Switchblade Symphony on Serpentine Gallery (1995)
  • 6:21pm Butterfly by Tapping The Vein on Diva X Machina 2 (1998)
  • 6:43pm This City Never Sleeps by The Razor Skyline on Dark Water Oasis (2012)
  • 6:44pm Cernunnos by Disjecta Membra on The Infancy Gospels (2016)
  • 6:48pm Train by The Sisters Of Mercy on First and Last and Always (1985)
  • 6:49pm Xiola by Psi Com on Demos (1984)
  • 6:53pm Vamos A Jugar by Paralisis Permanente on n/a (1982)
  • 7:14pm Sparks by Faith and The Muse on Elyria (1994)
  • 7:20pm Tattered Angel by Nocturne on Of Beauty and Decay (1996)
  • 7:24pm Glare by Diva Destruction on Passion's Price (2001)
  • 7:29pm Exile by Soil and Eclipse on Meridian (1999)
  • 7:33pm The Rain Within Her Hands by Bella Morte on Where Shadows Lie (2000)
  • 7:45pm One Night In Bangkok (Cold War Mix) by The Razor Skyline on Newer Wave 2 Comp (1998)
  • 7:45pm Coward's Way by Lowlife on Permanent Sleep (1985)
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