The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #69

wherein we listen to a Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith cover of Sade's 'By Your Side', leading into some Lovers Rock, Dub, some old Tigerbeat6 vinyl found at Amoeba L.A., some bit-shifted hip hop, r'n'b and a ton of other fresh for '17 electronicsz at various points on the 'nuum numb numb.

  • 1:52pm By Your Side (Sade Cover) by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith on - (Visit
  • 2:01pm Courtyards Citizens by Maria Teresa Luciani on Sounds Of The City (Visit
  • 2:12pm WakeUpDub by SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL on LoversDedicationStation (Bokeh Versions)
  • 2:14pm Tradition by Captain Ganga and The Space Patrol on Tradition (Bokeh Versions)
  • 2:15pm Dread Lion by Scratch And The Upsetters on Super APe (Island)
  • 2:20pm Sun Runner by Waterpark on - (Visit
  • 2:24pm Falling Sun by Tornado Wallace on Falling Sun (Second Circle)
  • 2:30pm YNGTARB0X by aNTOJE on aNTOJE - TUJ TAPE (ESR013) (Visit
  • 2:37pm Session 10670 by Best Available Technology on Exposure Therapy (-)
  • 2:38pm Bun Down by Madd Again! on MaddTing, Vol. 2.1 (-)
  • 2:42pm ''Our home and heart is in Berlin, as we believe in the potentials of the local creative scene.'' by Mark on Here Comes a Fucking Startup Campus (-)
  • 2:51pm I'll Follow U (S.P.K Remix) by Terror Danjah and Olivia Louise on I'll Follow U (-)
  • 2:52pm Girlfriend by Ikonika on Distractions ( Hyperdub)
  • 2:55pm Echo Doppler by Simo Cell on BFDM014 // POGDANCE EP (Visit
  • 3:01pm Tika bongo Rain by Full Quantic Pass on BFDM 013 // TIKA BONGO (Visit
  • 3:03pm Malina by Joe Lentini on Fabiola (Visit
  • 3:09pm Hyphen To Splice by Lanark Artefax on Whities 011 (Whities Records)
  • 3:18pm Confrontation In Terms Of Sexuality by Annanan & Maroje T. on The Brooklyn Sessions [PNKMN20] (Visit
  • 3:20pm Perfectionist by Pal Joey on - (-)
  • 3:32pm Spend The Night by Pal Joey on - (-)
  • 3:32pm Twisted Faith by BIG STRICK on The Gathering (-)
  • 3:43pm Vista by J. Albert on All The Things (-)
  • 3:45pm Setting Sun Blues by Luna Monk on Sun Kiss (X-Kalay)
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