The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/Tone Commander 6/20/2017!

  • 6:06pm Never Fade by Trentmoller on In My Room (2016)
  • 6:10pm Coconut by Fever Ray on Of The Knife (2009)
  • 6:14pm Without Your Love by oOoOO on Without Your Love (2013)
  • 6:17pm Chromatics by Back From The Grave on Kill For Love (2012)
  • 6:21pm Digital Versicolor by Glass Candy on B/E/A/T/B/O/X (2007)
  • 6:34pm All Day by Ministry on Twitch (1986)
  • 6:39pm Shouts Of Joy by And One on S.T.O.P. (2012)
  • 6:44pm This World by Clan Of Xymox on single (1998)
  • 6:49pm Deliverance by The Mission on Carved In Sand (1990)
  • 6:54pm Insides by The Soft Moon on Zeroes (2012)
  • 7:17pm The Key by Sabotage Q.C.Q.C? on Les Enfants Sauvages (1995)
  • 7:19pm Darling Don't Leave Me by Robert Görl on Mute Records Documents No. 4 Comilation (1984/2004)
  • 7:23pm Head Like Glass by Red Axes on Ballad Of The Ice (2014)
  • 7:25pm Visions Of You by Sextile on A Thousand Hands (2015)
  • 7:29pm Walls Of Jericho by VirginPrunes on If I Die I Die (1982)
  • 7:39pm Destroy Me by Mr Kitty on Eternity (2012)
  • 7:46pm Go Away by Strawberry Switchblade on Strawberry Switchblade (1985)
  • 7:49pm Falling (Khan Version) by Julee Cruise on The Art Of Being A Girl (2002)
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