The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #72

Got some Maria Teresa Luciani, some Hype Williams, a little Jefre-Cantu Ledesma, a ton of nice new idm-ish electronic splintered electronic goodness, and a little throwback with some Massive Attack and ESG! Get in!

  • 2:00pm The Port by Maria Teresa Luciani on Sounds Of The City (Visit
  • 2:03pm dream city by Hype Williams on Chalice (-)
  • 2:10pm The Faun by Jefre-Cantu Ledesma on On The Echoing Green (Visit
  • 2:17pm view of Daly City by BCPL on DVT (Highpoint Lowlife)
  • 2:20pm Y So WT 2 me by Kagami Smile on Thigh (-)
  • 2:23pm Flickering Debris by Lanark Artefax on Whities 011 (-)
  • 2:25pm Koinos by Laurel Halo on Dust (-)
  • 2:28pm Path by UMFANG on Symbolic Use Of Light (-)
  • 2:34pm The Test of Time by Terrence Dixon on Like a Thief in the Night (-)
  • 2:38pm CYN by Actress on AZD (Ninja Tune)
  • 2:42pm Some Men (you) Just Want to Watch the World Burn by Sim Hutchins on Vantablank Stare (UIQ0008) (UIQ)
  • 2:52pm Low X-Over by Ekoplekz on Bioprodukt (Planet Mu)
  • 3:00pm Thigh City Rain by Kagami Smile on Thigh (-)
  • 3:06pm A1 by Dresvn on Acido 25 (-)
  • 3:16pm Streets of Rage (feat. Acemo) by Lord RAJA on Amadeus EP (XL Recordings)
  • 3:19pm handgliders over the fort by BCPL on DVT (Highpoint Lowlife)
  • 3:22pm GJGJ Cake by ©© on [JGT13] "People, Places, Patterns" (Jungle Gym)
  • 3:29pm Norf Norf by Clams Casino on Instrumental Mixtape 4 (-)
  • 3:33pm Reebs Dub by Beatrice Dillon on Blues Dances (-)
  • 3:36pm Back to the Future by YLTCU on Controlled Folly (-)
  • 3:39pm Not Actual Gameplay by Ikonika on Distractions (Hyperdbub)
  • 3:42pm BURRSOUP by aNTOJE on TUJ TAPE (ESR013) (-)
  • 3:46pm Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack on Blue Lines (-)
  • 3:48pm Parking Lot Blues by ESG on Come Away With Esg (-)
  • 3:50pm Nosema by Batu on Marius (-)
  • 3:55pm I Am by Annanan & Maroje T. on The Brooklyn Sessions [PNKMN20] (Pinkman)
  • 3:58pm d'orr22 by Royer on Documented (-)
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