The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/DJ Erix 7/25/2017!

  • 6:00pm Do You Believe In The Westworld? by Theatre Of Hate on n/a (n/a)
  • 6:03pm Carnival To Hell by Bonemen of Barumba on Icons (1984)
  • 6:07pm Thrash Me by Malaria! on Revisited (1983)
  • 6:11pm Killtime by Svatsox on Bred In The Bone, Out In The Flesh (1982)
  • 6:16pm Spinning Around by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry on Paint Your Wagon (1986)
  • 6:17pm Poison Pen by Bauhaus on BBC Peel Sessions (1980)
  • 6:30pm Julia by Asylum Party on Borderline (1989)
  • 6:34pm Bring On The Dancing Horses by Echo And The Bunnymen on Pretty In Pink Sountrack (1986)
  • 6:37pm Night Train by Visage on The Anvil (1982)
  • 6:41pm Death Cures All Pain by Suicide Commando on Bind, Torture, Kill (1996)
  • 6:48pm Going Red by Kanga on Kanga (2016)
  • 7:04pm Splice Of Life by Factrix on 7" single (1980)
  • 7:07pm Guns by Indian Jewelry on Peel It (2011)
  • 7:12pm Earth Song by 1919 on Earth Song (1984)
  • 7:14pm Unknown To The I by Drab Majesty on Completely Careless (2012-2015) (2016)
  • 7:18pm Moans by Parade Ground on Cut Up (1988)
  • 7:32pm Rendez-vous D'Or by Xeno and Oaklander on Sentinelle (2008)
  • 7:33pm Gravity To The End by Haus Arafna on Butterfly (2003)
  • 7:39pm The Seven Seals Will Be Revealed At The End Of Time by Current 93 on Lucifer Over London Maxi Single (1994)
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