The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #77

77 and Rising!

Some crazy earworms in this episode, long form techno, cosmic vibes and granulated goodness!

  • 12:00am Evokado by A I W A on Recent Ups and Downs (-)
  • 12:02am Peyote Stitch by Mosca on Don't Take This the Wrong Way / Peyote Stitch (-)
  • 12:10am Omnishambles by Earlham Mystics on Waters EP (-)
  • 12:14am FEMME II by WEN on CARVE + GAZE (-)
  • 12:17am BANDIC00T by aNTOJE on TUJ TAPE (ESR013) (Visit
  • 12:20am Мы Принадлежим Друг Другу by DX2OV on Временные Петли (Visit
  • 12:23am Who by Tiger Village on Fade (Visit
  • 12:26am Good News by TEN HYPHEN TWENTY on In-Store Music Vol. 2 (Visit
  • 12:37am You Not About That Lyfe by MHYSA on fantasii (-)
  • 12:41am Travelogues 18: Toast Ohm a Bum by Mordant Music on Travelogues 18: Toast Ohm a Bum (-)
  • 12:52am The Doctrines Of Swedenborg by Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar & Shabaka Hutchings on A.R.E. Project (-)
  • 1:00am GLOBALIZACIÓN ÁCIDO by Juan Ramos on ATKM b/w Globalización Ácido (Visit
  • 1:06am Silk by FYI Chris on Spirit Animal (Visit
  • 1:10am False Awakening by Chaos In The CBD on False Awakening / Scumbag Unity (Visit
  • 1:16am Bow! by ZULI on Numbers (UIQ0009) (Visit
  • 1:20am Touch Absence by Lanark Artefex on Whities 011 (Whities Records)
  • 1:25am BCPL_0429 by BCPL on - (-)
  • 1:28am BCPL_0436 by BCPL on - (-)
  • 1:31am Beats For Days (Vol. 2) Intro by Great Dane on Beats For Days Vol. 2 (-)
  • 1:34am Sshake by Cop Envy on TS014 (-)
  • 1:40am GASP! by Zomby on GASP! (-)
  • 1:44am Cerasee Doctor by Mo Kolours on Meroe (-)
  • 1:46am Ur Soul by Sejva on Coquet (Visit
  • 1:52am Understory by Luminodisco on Understory (Visit
  • 1:56am Constructing space by micronism on inside a quiet mind (-)
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