• 10:00pm Bliss by Ducky on Don't Give Up Yet (Secret Songs)
  • 10:05pm Like It Is by Aria Rostami on Reform (Zoom Lens)
  • 10:10pm Memories (ft. Yeule) by LLLL on Single (Zoom Lens)
  • 10:15pm Give Me Five by Aseul on New Pop (Astro Kidz)
  • 10:19pm Risa by Moon Mask on Metempsychosis (Zoom Lens)
  • 10:24pm Us by Meishi Smile on Orchid Tapes: Angeltown (Orchid Tapes)
  • 10:26pm Beagle by In The Blue Shirt on Sensation of Blueness (Trekkie Trax)
  • 10:30pm Favorite Girl by Henrik the Artist on Single (Good Enuff)
  • 10:32pm You'll Only Love Me When I'm Gone by Mark Redito on Single (N/A)
  • 10:36pm Curtain Fig by Tomggg on ART NATURE (2.5D Production)
  • 10:41pm SHOPPINGMALL by Tofubeats on Single (Warner Music Japan)
  • 10:45pm Light Breaker by Groundislava on Engless Voyage (WeDidIt)
  • 10:49pm Plastic Games by Lewis CanCut on Single (NLV)
  • 10:53pm Polo Love (ft. Spank Rock) by Swick on Single (NLV)
  • 10:56pm Sai & Co (Extended Mix) by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on Single (Warner Music Japan)
  • 11:00pm Hands (ft. Koppi Mizrahi) by GRRL on Workouts (Car Crash Set)
  • 11:03pm Moss by Murlo on Club Coil (Mixpak)
  • 11:08pm Follow & Mute by M.E.S.H. on Damaged Merc (PAN)
  • 11:11pm AS Truth by Amnesia Scanner on AS Truth (Young Turks)
  • 11:15pm BLOOD OF THE COVENANT by Chino Amobi on PARADISO (UNO NYC)
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