8/29/2017: Eclipse Hangover

  • 4:00pm The Softest Hard by Easter on The Softest Hard (Easter)
  • 4:03pm Excellent Birds by Laurie Anderson on Talk Normal (Warner Bros)
  • 4:08pm Mind Hijacker's Curse by Chad VanGaalen on Mind Hijacker's Curse (Sub Pop)
  • 4:18pm Dyson Sphere by Frankie Rose on Cage Tropical (Slumberland)
  • 4:21pm I Took Your Picture by Cults on I Took Your Picture (Sinderlyn)
  • 4:25pm The Brae by Yumi Zouma on EP I (Cascine)
  • 4:29pm No Exit by Tennis on No Exit (Mutually Detrimental)
  • 4:47pm To Follow & Lead by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith on To Follow & Lead (Western Vinyl)
  • 4:52pm Syzygy by Laurel Halo on Dust (Hyperdub)
  • 4:58pm Darkest Hour by Lyves on Like Water (LYVES)
  • 5:03pm Eclipse/Blue by Nosaj Thing, Kazu Makino on Home (Innovative Leisure)
  • 5:23pm Black Hearted Love by PJ Harvey, John Parish on A Woman A Man Walked By (Universal)
  • 5:27pm Offering by Chelsea Wolfe on Offering (Sargent House)
  • 5:30pm This Isn't the Place by Nine Inch Nails on Add Violence (The Null Corporation)
  • 5:41pm Eclipse by Twin Shadow on Eclipse (Warner Bros)
  • 5:44pm Midnight Caller by Jessie Ware on Tough Love (Island Records)
  • 5:54pm Curse by Vicktor Taiwò on Juno (Yebo Music)
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