The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/spotlight on Theatre of Hate 8/29/2017!

  • 6:04pm The Sweetest Chill by Siouxsie and The Banshees on Tinderbox (1986)
  • 6:06pm In The Room The Love Exists by Mephisto Walz on Terra-Regina (1993)
  • 6:10pm See You by Depeche Mode on A Broken Frame (1982)
  • 6:16pm 100% (Combichrist 110% Fucked Mix) by Angelspit on Krankhaus (2007)
  • 6:19pm All The Clocks Are Broken by Cop Shoot Cop on Ask Questions Later (1993)
  • 6:30pm Judgement Hymn by Theatre Of Hate on Westworld (1982)
  • 6:35pm The Hop by Theatre Of Hate on Ten Years After (1993)
  • 6:38pm 63 by Theatre Of Hate on Westworld (1982)
  • 6:41pm Europa by Theatre Of Hate on Retribution (1996)
  • 6:45pm Conquistador by Theatre Of Hate on Westworld (1982)
  • 7:05pm Eisbar by Grauzone on single (1981)
  • 7:09pm Like A Pen (Radio Edit) by The Knife on Silent Shout (2006)
  • 7:12pm Words by Missing Persons on Spring Session M (1982)
  • 7:16pm 23 by Blonde Redhead on 23 (2007)
  • 7:21pm Imagination by Xymox on Twist Of Shadows (1989)
  • 7:32pm Song To The Siren by This Mortal Coil on It'll End In Tears (1984)
  • 7:34pm Dust by Fields Of The Nephilim on Dawnrazor (1987)
  • 7:39pm Fell To Regret by Monica Richards on InfraWarrior (2006)
  • 7:44pm Reflection by Patricia Morrison on Reflect On This (1994)
  • 7:48pm New Coats by Fangs On Fur on Fangs On Fur (2009)
  • 7:51pm 6" Gold Blade by The Birthday Party on Junkyard (1982)
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