My Sick & Twisted Reality 29

With special guest co-host DJ Brat Fink!

  • 5:38pm Digital Versicolor by Glass Candy on B/E/A/T/B/O/X (Italians Do It Better)
  • 5:40pm Imperialismo by Cruz De Navajas on Imperialismo (self-released)
  • 5:43pm Young Professionals by PANG on Young Professionals EP (Grazer Records)
  • 5:45pm Leotard by TacocaT on Shame Spiral (Don't Stop Believin' Records)
  • 5:46pm Making Movies by A Giant Dog on Toy (Merge)
  • 5:47pm Half Past Midnight by Screature on Four Columns (S-S Records)
  • 5:47pm Cool Slut by Chastity Belt on Time To Go Home (Hardly Art)
  • 5:48pm In Undertow by Alvvays on Antisocialites (Polyvinyl)
  • 5:50pm Bratty B by Best Coast on Crazy For You (Mexican Summer)
  • 5:50pm He Gets Me High by Dum Dum Girls on He Gets Me High (SubPop)
  • 5:51pm Poor Soil by SOAR on dark / gold (Father/Daughter Records)
  • 5:52pm Cuss Gang by Freak Vibe on Cuss Gang B/w Jesus In The Kitchen (Cvrecs)
  • 5:54pm Brimstone and Fire by Pawns on The Gallows (Mass Media Records)
  • 5:54pm 5th World by Petite on Petite (self-released)
  • 5:55pm Worth More Than Your Opinion by PUNCH on They Don't Have To Believe (Deathwish)
  • 5:56pm The Big Sky by Kate Bush on Hounds of Love (EMI)
  • 5:56pm Heaven by Emma Ruth Rundle on Marked For Death (Sargent House)
  • 5:57pm Cousins of the Antichrist by Chelsea Wolfe on The Grime and The Glow (Pendu Sound Recordings)
  • 5:59pm Cowboys in Africa by Bush Tetras on Wild Things (Reach Out International Records)
  • 6:00pm Submission by Siamese Twins on Still Corner (Eunuch Records)
  • 6:00pm Motion by Boy Harsher on Country Girl EP (Ascetic House)
  • 6:02pm White Of An Eye by Patience on White Of An Eye (Night School Records)
  • 6:03pm Boys I Like by Gazebos on Die Alone (Hardly Art)
  • 6:03pm Stuck Like A... by Neaux on Chain Up The Sun (The Native Sound)
  • 6:05pm Le Phenix by Crooked Bangs on II (Nervous Intent Records)
  • 6:05pm Witch by Street Eaters on The Envoy (Nervous Intent Records)
  • 6:05pm rusalki by Mala Herba on Mala Herba (self-released)
  • 6:05pm Possession Mortality by Longings on Longings (Echo Canyon)
  • 6:06pm SCREAM by Grimes on Art Angels (4AD)
  • 6:06pm Baptized By Fire by Spinnerette on Spinnerette (Anthem Entertainment)
  • 6:07pm Crawl Home by Desert Sessions on 9 I See You Hearing Me & 10 I Heart Discos (Ipecac Recordings)
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