• 4:02pm Good Luck Bad Luck by Susanne Sundfør on Music For People In Trouble (Sonnet Sound)
  • 4:04pm De Tre Piker by Myrkur on De Tre Piker (Relapse Records)
  • 4:07pm The Culling by Chelsea Wolfe on The Culling (Sargent House)
  • 4:17pm You Love Nothing by L.A. WITCH on L.A. WITCH (Suicide Squeeze)
  • 4:19pm Dog Years by Daddy Issues on Deep Dream (Infinity Cat)
  • 4:25pm Wussy Void by Joanna Gruesome on Weird Sister (Slumberland)
  • 4:29pm Nurse Ratched by Cherry Glazerr on Apocalipstick (Secretly Canadian)
  • 4:46pm Understanding Light by Florist on Understanding Light (Double Double Whammy)
  • 4:50pm Crescent by BONZIE on Zone on Nine (Nina Ferraro)
  • 4:53pm Dreams Tonite by Alvvays on Antisocialites (Polyvinyl)
  • 5:05pm Bad Dream/No Looking Back by SYD on Always Never Home (The Internet)
  • 5:09pm Her Daily Black by Lali Puna on Two Windows (Morr Music)
  • 5:10pm Bad Dreams/No Looking Back by Syd on FIN (The Internet)
  • 5:14pm In the Meantime by KING on We Are KING (KING CREATIVE)
  • 5:30pm Such a Gemini by Faith Healer on Try ;-) (Mint Records)
  • 5:33pm Host Body by Chad VanGaalen on Light Information (Sub Pop)
  • 5:36pm Shoot by Sonic Youth on Dirty (DGC Records)
  • 5:45pm Paper Mache by Iris Lune on Paper Mache (Iris Lune)
  • 5:49pm The Combine by John Maus on The Combine (Ribbon Music)
  • 5:53pm Polaar by Maud Geffray on Polaar (Pan European Recording)
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