The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #85

lots of vinyl, with tracks from each volume of the recently completed Memories Of Cindy boxset, by Palmbomen II, plus modular goodness from Datach'i and algorithmic rhythms from Renick Bell, Lanark Artefax! Get in.

  • 12:00am Rabona by Ruffien on Aired (-)
  • 12:05am - by Palmbomen II on Memories Of Cindy (Beats In Space)
  • 12:08am - by 外神田Deepspace on - (-)
  • 12:12am Inkjet by Beatrice Dillon and Call Super on - (-)
  • 12:21am - by Palmbomen II on Memories Of Cindy Volume II (Beats In Space)
  • 12:25am Somebody New (Music Institute Goodbye Mix) by MK on - (-)
  • 12:30am Impending Accident by Steve Murphy on - (Shall Not Fade)
  • 12:35am Recycle (5am Reflection Mix) by Khotin on Baikal Acid (1080p)
  • 12:40am AIO Industries by Palmbomen II on Memories Of Cindy Pt. 3 (Beats In Space)
  • 12:46am Style And Grace by Steven Be Calm on - (Shall Not Fade)
  • 12:48am - by Palmbomen II on Memories Of Cindy Pt. 4 (Beats In Space)
  • 12:53am Waveguiding by Datach'i on System (Planet Mu)
  • 12:57am Trying To Control the Four Winds by Renick Bell on Empty Lake (UIQ0006) (UIQ)
  • 1:02am All That Is Solid Melts Into Air by Lanark Artefax on Glasz EP (-)
  • 1:05am Rare beauty by Daniel M Karlsson on Misapplications (Conditional)
  • 1:11am Ethics Tensile by Third Man on Misapplications (Conditional)
  • 1:15am Luminist Modular by Datach'i on System (Planet Mu)
  • 1:21am Conflict of Interest by Yves Tumor on Experiencing the Deposit of Faith (-)
  • 1:23am Untitled by The Remote Viewer on Knowing We Was Right From Da Start (555 Records)
  • 1:27am Todo Era Azul (Siempre Dub) by DJ Python on Dulce Compañia (-)
  • 1:33am Lemon Fanta by Pépe on Lemon Fanta (Lobster Theremin)
  • 1:40am Zona Del Silencio by Chaos In The CBD on Zona Del Silencio EP (Visit
  • 1:50am In The Courtyard by Lock Eyes on First Sight (Lobster Theremin)
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