The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #86

Starting out on a dub tip, leaning into some off kilter beats n rhymes before getting all algorithmic in yer face!

  • 12:00am Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts) by Primal Scream on Screamadelica (WMG)
  • 12:07am Todo Era Azul (Siempre Dub) by DJ Python on Dulce Compañia (-)
  • 12:11am Blackwave (feat. Zeroh) by Kutmah on TROBBB! (-)
  • 12:13am HURDLES by MIKE on BY THE WATER (-)
  • 12:16am Brisk Ft. Segilola by Bambooman on Whispers (-)
  • 12:20am On by JABU on Sleep Heavy (-)
  • 12:23am Clusters by CARLA DAL FORNO on The Garden (-)
  • 12:27am Skull Dub by Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss on Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss (Bokeh Versions)
  • 12:34am Margoze by Mo Kolours on Meroe (-)
  • 12:37am Rotate & Resonate by Iku Sakan on Human Wave Music (-)
  • 12:47am spl47 by Autechre on JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47 (Visit
  • 12:52am Like Hydroplane by Wake on Am Diamond (-)
  • 12:55am Tongue Chomper by ZULI on Numbers (UIQ0009) (UIQ)
  • 12:59am Almost Invisible Force by Calum Gunn on Misapplications (Conditional)
  • 1:04am Crisis of Representation 1 by Gábor Lázár on Crisis of Representation (Visit
  • 1:08am Fractals by $$$TAG$$$ on Fractals (Visit
  • 1:11am Emptiedness by Waxy Tomb on GridDrip (-)
  • 1:14am Gift by Helena Hauff on Have You Been There, Have You Seen It (Werk Discs)
  • 1:17am What U Want Me To Do by Galcher Lustwerk on Dark Bliss (-)
  • 1:21am My Cat Is An Asshole by Russell E.L. Butler on I'm Dropping Out Of Life (-)
  • 1:25am Yeh Yeh Yeh by Roza Terenzi on GCR007 - The "O.G." EP (Visit
  • 1:29am Drone Techno by Alvin Aronson on City Ep (-)
  • 1:35am King Palms by Quavius on Blue Light Joints (Visit
  • 1:39am Force by UMFANG on Riffs (1080p)
  • 1:45am Symbolic Use Of Light by UMFANG on Symbolic Use Of Light (Technicolour)
  • 1:50am Nitrous & Oxide by Clouds on HS01 (Headstrong Records)
  • 1:54am Gunman Bizzniss by Vincent Van Sloth on Better Off Dead (Off Me Head Records)
  • 1:56am Thinkeye Luvya by Phatworld on Sad Reacts Only (Off Me Nut Records)
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