#174: “Mediocre Squabbling”

This week Ben is joined by Dani Scoville, host of The Long Lunch Break (Fridays at midday.) She also organizes shows over at Rite Spot. This show features a special dedication to Tom and Rocio and their new baby, plus the usual banter of BFF histories, dream show concepts, and trying to start a rivalry for the ages.

  • 8:01pm Avocado, Baby by Los Campesinos! on NO BLUES (Wichita)
  • 8:07pm Fake News Blues by Foggy City Orphan on Fake News Blues (One Inch Punch)
  • 8:17pm The Other Side by VAVÁ on The Other Side (-)
  • 8:22pm Chasing Shadows by Santigold on 99 Cents (Atlantic)
  • 8:25pm Let It Grow (feat. Karen O & Tunde Adebimpe) by Maximum Balloon on Let It Grow (Federal Prism)
  • 8:40pm Curtain Calls by My Sad Captains on Sun Bridge (Bella Union)
  • 8:43pm Warm Glow by Hippo Campus on Warm Glow EP (Grand Jury)
  • 8:51pm Signs of Life by Arcade Fire on Everything Now (Sony)
  • 9:07pm Where This Flower Blooms by Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean on Flower Boy (Columbia)
  • 9:10pm Future Starts Slow by The Kills on Blood Pressures (Domino Records)
  • 9:14pm Pine and Clover by Chad VanGaalen on Light Information (Sub Pop)
  • 9:33pm Open Your Eyes by Andrew Hung on Realisationship (Lex)
  • 9:36pm Death Watch by Alias on Resurgam (Anticon)
  • 9:39pm The Planet of Passed Souls by Hannah Peel on Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia (-)
  • 9:49pm Love Me Like I'm Gone by Jaws of Love on Tasha Sites Close To The Piano (K-Rizzla/House Arrest)
  • 9:51pm Sum by Lonely Dear on Lonely Dear (Real World)
  • 9:58pm SW9 9SL by Four Tet on New Energy (Text)
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