Sounds In The Dark - 4.14.15 With Jack Hertz and Junkyard Gamelan

Spend the evening with live long-form improvised Fog Music, performed by Junkyard Gamelan members Jack Hertz, Phoenix DrNow and Andy Cook on a fascinating array of traditional and modern instrumentation. We also talk with Jack about Fog Music and his netlabel Aural Films, and preview some new music being released on AF. It's an ambient experience like none other.

Listen to the entire show as well as the Fog Music performance itself below!

  • 10:00pm Mare at Night by Jack Hertz on Mare at Night (Aural Films)
  • 10:11pm Fog Music by Jack Hertz, PhoenixDrNow and Andy Cook on In-studio performance (NA)
  • 10:53pm Rolling Waves by Jack Hertz and Cousin Silas on - (Aural Films)
  • 11:19pm The Cumulus Empire by Tim Kays on - (Aural Films)
  • 11:53pm Harmonic Prominence by Todd Peck on - (Aural Films)
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