Sounds In The Dark - 2.02.16

Your Tuesday ambient and experimental nightcap features new 2016 releases from Tanner Menard, Tortoise, Emily Wells, David Newlyn, John Cale, Submotion Orchestra, The Star Pillow, Embers Below Dust, and plenty more. 

  • 12:00am Soft by Tanner Menard on Deepest Indigo (Full Spectrum)
  • 12:07am Yonder Blue by Tortoise on The Catastrophist (Thrill Jockey)
  • 12:10am Gesceap by Tortoise on The Catastrophist (Thrill Jockey)
  • 12:18am Rooftop by Then They Flew on Stable as the Earth Stops Spinning (Visit
  • 12:25am Los Angeles by Emily Wells on Promise (11)
  • 12:36am In Colour by David Newlyn on The Past Increases, The Future Recedes (Rural Colours)
  • 12:40am Sunshine Youth (Featuring Good Weather For An Airstrike) by Umber on Sunshine Young (Oxide Tones)
  • 12:44am Sere by Barreca / Leimer on Field Characteristics (Palace of Lights)
  • 12:50am Cold Days by Marcus Fisher on Collected Dust (Tench)
  • 12:56am The Magic of the Autodidact by Christina Vantzou on No. 2 (Kranky)
  • 1:01am Library of Force (Featuring Man In The Book Excerpt) by John Cale on Music for a New Society (M:FANS) (Domino)
  • 1:04am Sleeping Dust by The Star Pillow on Above (Time Released Sound)
  • 1:12am Reality by Gary Bromley on Outside (Assembly Field)
  • 1:18am Anew by [.que] on Brilliant Hopes (Schole)
  • 1:22am Kimono by Submotion Orchestra on Colour Theory (Counter)
  • 1:26am Earth Like Conditions (Instance Remix) by Matrixxman on Homesick Remixes (Ghostly International)
  • 1:32am Bless by Akisai on Images (Schole)
  • 1:38am sukha (Featuring derek piotr and by He Can Jog on Blessed indeed are they who live among those who hate, hating no one; amidst those who hate, let us dwell without hatred (Visit
  • 1:44am Nine by Tobias Hellkvist on Turquoise (Small Fragments Recording)
  • 1:54am Spring Dusk by Embers Below Zero on EP III (Petroglyph)
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