Te Aprecio: Dia de los Muertos

Day of the dead is Nov. 2nd, let's celebrate the greats that are no longer with us through musica!

  • 2:32pm Quimbara by Celia Cruz on Celia & Johnny (Fania)
  • 2:33pm Sorrow by David Bowie on Pin Ups (RCA Records)
  • 2:33pm Controversy by Prince on Controversy (Warner Bros. Records)
  • 2:47pm Loose Rap by Aaliyah on Aaliyah (Blackground Records)
  • 2:53pm Jimmy James by Beastie Boys on Check Your Head (Capital Records)
  • 2:56pm La Culebra by Barry MorĂ© on La Culebra (RCA)
  • 2:57pm El Negrito Del Batey by Tony Camargo on El Negrito Del Batey (RCA)
  • 2:58pm FUEGO by Bomba Estero on Blow Up (Nacional Records)
  • 2:59pm Ooh Love by Kashif on Send Me Your Love (Arista Records)
  • 3:10pm Bambi by Prince on Prince (Warner Brothers)
  • 3:22pm Let Me Try by Kaleidoscope on Kaleidoscope (La Ciruela ElĂ©ctrica)
  • 3:24pm Freedom by Beyonce on Lemonade (Parkwood/Colombia)
  • 3:27pm Rock The Boat by Aaliyah on Aaliyah (Blackground Records)
  • 3:33pm Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest on Midnight Marauders (Zomba Recodrings)
  • 3:49pm Nasty Girl by Vanity 6 on Vanity 6 (Warner Bros)
  • 3:49pm Let's Groove by Earth, Wind & Fire on Blende Edits Vol. 3 (Juno Records)
  • 3:50pm Under Pressure (feat. David Bowie) by Queen on Hot Space (Hollywood Records)
  • 3:54pm I Wanna Fall In love by Chris Isaak on Heart Shaped World (Reprise Records)
  • 3:57pm Blue Moon by Elvis Presley on Sun Sessions (RCA Records)
  • 4:01pm California Livin by Mac Dre on What's Really Goin On? (Young Black Brotha)
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