Shit this week was crazy. This week was rough. Spent most of it drunk or hungover, or at most times a combinations of both. Why did Hillary lose? How could Drumpf win? Let's discuss Rebecca Solnit's essay "Men Explain Things To Me" and dive into some feminist philosophies. 

Special Guest: Dwayne Swanson

  • 2:24pm untitled 06 | 06.30.2014. (feat. Cee Lo) by Kendrick Lamar on Untitled Unmastered. (Aftermath/Interscope)
  • 2:25pm The Space Program by A Tribe Called Quest on We got it from Here... Thank You for your Service (Epic)
  • 2:35pm Bossy (feat Too $hort) by Kelis on Kelis Was Here (LaFace Records)
  • 3:02pm Big Mess by Devo on Oh, No! It's Devo (Warner Bros. Records)
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