The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode 45

  • 2:01pm Surrender by TALsounds on Lifter + Lighter (Hausu Mountain)
  • 2:02pm Hybrid by Sky H1 on Motion (Codes)
  • 2:09pm Fragile by Suzanne Kraft on What You Get For Being Young (-)
  • 2:09pm 22-04-16 (Warmy Parmy Mix) by Larry Leaba on Leaba & Le-Roy's Long Mixes (-)
  • 2:13pm The Kakuli Wave by Aye Aye on Wila Wila (-)
  • 2:26pm Everything Is in Color by Cherushii on Memory of Water (100% Silk)
  • 2:31pm Virex by Nackt on Virex (100 % silk)
  • 2:37pm Chakaruna by Porangu√≠ on Ayahuasca (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) World (-)
  • 2:43pm Amazonia by Iris Disse & ampdon Yachak De Duran on Ayahuasca Noche de Ritual (-)
  • 2:44pm Intro / Tropical Plantarum by Sign Libra on Closer to the Equator (-)
  • 2:46pm Tribe by Phil Stroud on Phil Stroud (-)
  • 2:51pm Sailboat Bliss by Hybrid Palms on Pacific Image (-)
  • 2:53pm Winona by DJ BORING on - (-)
  • 3:04pm Snabsnus by Rhode and Brown on Snabsnus (Toy Tonics)
  • 3:09pm Club Tool 2 by DJ Kush Boogie on Just U and Me (Lobster Theremin)
  • 3:13pm Change by Dan Kye on Joy, Ease and Lightness (Rhythm Section International )
  • 3:20pm Inner Groove by DJ Q on - (-)
  • 3:23pm Rudy's Party [Bobby B's Ambient Mix] by Cherushii on Manic EP (-)
  • 3:32pm Kazoku Ogawa (Kaazi Remix) by Logan Takahashi on NoGeo Remixes (ghostly)
  • 3:37pm Influxxxx by Gnork on No Gravity (-)
  • 3:42pm Loose Wood (Ross From Friends Remix) by The Contours on Loose Wood EP (-)
  • 3:46pm Sensate Silk by Sage Caswell on Sensate Silk (Take a Day Call Back Later)
  • 3:53pm Andre the Giant vs. Bob Sapp by Henry Wu & Tito Wun on 27 Karat Years - EP (-)
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