Frenchie Maddness

French pop!

French JAZZ

French Hip Hop!!

Do you see where I'm going with this? Dive into the psychedelic vibes of France. Vamanos

FUN FACT: France is the 2nd largest Hip Hop market after the USA, but it's limited due to the language barrier.

  • 2:00pm Equilibre Feat Oxmo Puccino by Hocus Pocus on Equilibre (x)
  • 2:10pm Culture Urbaine by Rohff on Culture Urbaine (x)
  • 2:12pm Gun In My Hand (Feat. Akon) by Booba on Ouest Side (Barclay)
  • 2:14pm Last Night by Pierre Arvay on Chronoscope Sonore (CBS)
  • 12:31pm Contact by Brigitte Bardot on Brigitte Bardot Show (Disc'Az)
  • 12:32pm Supernature by Cerrone on Supernature (Malligator)
  • 12:33pm I Feel it Coming (Feat Daft Punk) by The Weekend on Starboy (Republic Records)
  • 12:39pm Rouge Rouge by Christie Laume on Pas de nouvelles (Parlophone France)
  • 12:49pm La Fille a la Moto by Dani on Sans Asterisque (Ducretet Thomson)
  • 12:51pm Ella, elle l'a by France Gall on Babacar (WEA)
  • 12:52pm What I'd Like by Stellius on I Want a Girl / What I'd Like (Disc'Az)
  • 12:55pm Genocide by Dickens on Royal Incarnation (Fanny)
  • 1:08pm Amstragram by Isbelle on Dis Moi Poupee (Barclay)
  • 1:08pm A Quoi Sert De Vivre Libre by Nicoletta on Universal Masters (Riviera)
  • 1:17pm La Horse by Serge Gaubsbourg on La Horse (Hortensia)
  • 1:18pm Do Wha Diddy by Tony Roman on Do Wha Diddyq (x)
  • 1:22pm Doin' it Right (Feat. Panda Bear) by Daft Punk on Random Access Memories (Daft Life)
  • 1:39pm Joke by Harajuku on Joke (Self Released)
  • 1:40pm Demain, c'est loin by IAM on L'ecole du micro d'argent (Delabel)
  • 1:41pm Psy4 De La Rime by Le Son des Bandits on Block Party (361 Records)
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