Sounds In The Dark - 1.4.2017 - Best of 2016 Edition (Rebroadcast)

This edition features my favorite releases from 2016, including work from Western Skies Motel, The Field, Porya Hatami and Arovane, Spheruleus, Olafur Arnald and Nils Frahm, Altars Altars, Radere, Memorybell and much more. 

  • 12:00am The Catastrophist by Tortoise on The Catastrophist (Thrill Jockey)
  • 12:06am 23:17 by Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds on Trance Frendz (Erased Tapes)
  • 12:11am Nocturne 3 by Ben Lukas Boysen on Spells (Erased Tapes)
  • 12:14am Fugue State by Eluvium on False Readings On (Temporary Residence)
  • 12:24am Two Worlds by Western Skies Motel on Settlers (Lost Tribe Sound)
  • 12:29am Small Hours by Altars Altars on Small Hours (Home Normal)
  • 12:32am Somnolent by Memorybell on Obsolete (Hidden Shoal)
  • 12:39am Weeds by Loscil on Monument Builders (Kranky)
  • 12:49am Reflecting Lights by The Field on The Follower (Kompakt)
  • 1:04am lith by Porya Hatami and Arovane on Kaziwa (Time Released Sound)
  • 1:10am Canvas by Solo Andata on In The Lens (12k)
  • 1:15am Agua Azul by Aukai on Aukai (NA)
  • 1:23am I Can't Sleep by Radere on I Can't Sleep, I Can't Wake Up (Full Spectrum)
  • 1:39am Part VII (Breath) by Maurizio Abate & Matteo Uggeri on Beyond Time (Time Released Sound)
  • 1:45am Cultivating by Spheruleus on Sundials (Tessellate Recordings)
  • 1:56am You Are An Ocean w/Benoit Piolard by Wil Samson on Lua (12k)
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