highpoint lowlife radio show #53

  • 1:53pm Erotic Dance Music (Sexual Power) by Sex Music Zone on Tantric Sex Songs: Making Love Music (-)
  • 2:19pm Marva by Yotam Avni on Monad XXII (stroboscopic artefacts)
  • 2:22pm I Am Ocean by Laraaji on Celestial Music 1978 - 2011 (all saints)
  • 2:26pm Shine Up by Simon Fisher Turner on Giraffe (editions mego)
  • 2:28pm Ja Nem Gritam No Calvario by Gonzo & Luar Domatrix on Antologia De Música Atípica Portuguesa (discrepant)
  • 2:31pm Rio Branco by Nicola Cruz on Cantos de Visión - EP (multi culti)
  • 2:32pm Press by Ben Hauke on Wari EP (melodica)
  • 2:35pm Kolingo (Love) by Château Flight on Versatile 1996-2016 (Versatile)
  • 2:39pm kabuki by Young wolf on kabuki (Themes for great cities )
  • 2:45pm Calme Infini by Hove on Portes du Soleil (-)
  • 2:54pm B1 by SW on untitled (sued )
  • 2:58pm for vanda by Ramzi on Phobiza "Noite" Vol. 2 (Mood hut )
  • 3:03pm fret not by Brainwaltzera on marzipan (-)
  • 3:09pm Les Yeux de la Grandesse by Tryphème on Online Dating (central processing unit)
  • 3:16pm Hiccup by Louf on Valby (-)
  • 3:21pm Bearing and Writhe by Oto Hiax on S/T (editions mego)
  • 3:30pm loop one by Shanti celeste on peach disc (-)
  • 3:31pm Pay the Rent by Alex Burkat on Pay the Rent - EP (permanent vacation)
  • 3:41pm She Taught Me How To Love by Rimbaudian on Letters (Ten Thousand Yen)
  • 3:44pm Roasted Veggies by Mor Elian on Nightingale Floor (bldg5)
  • 3:50pm k2k by We Down For on - (-)
  • 3:56pm catching feelings by mall grab on - (hot haus recs )
  • 4:03pm sexi deni by dj central s on basil ep (help)
  • 4:10pm Beachy by Hidden Spheres on By & Bye (distant Hawaii)
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