Open Buffet #4 (Copy)

  • 8:03pm 40,000 Headmen by Traffic on Traffic (United Artists)
  • 8:07pm Wake Me, Shake Me by THe Blues Project on Live at Town Hall (Verve)
  • 8:10pm Icy Tongues by Sad Heaven on - (-)
  • 8:13pm flip by Blue Smiley on Revised (-)
  • 8:15pm Federation Cup Tournament by Mercury Elite on - (-)
  • 8:17pm Evolution of a Friendship by French Vanilla on Demo (-)
  • 8:21pm White Knuckles by Mane on - (-)
  • 8:24pm cops come looking by Spirit of the Beehive on - (-)
  • 8:26pm Being Here by Two Moons on Strings (-)
  • 8:30pm The Fog Rose High by Craft Spells on The Fog Rose High (-)
  • 8:35pm Ways Away by Watergate Sandals on Ways Away - single (self released)
  • 8:38pm Doctor Cook by Savoy Motel on Savoy Motel (-)
  • 8:42pm One Foot in the grave by Beck on Cut and Paste (-)
  • 8:48pm Hello Little Friend by Leon Russell and Marc Benno on Asylum Choir II (Shelter)
  • 8:52pm Wilo House by Tripping Out on - (-)
  • 8:54pm Silver Velvet by The Courtneys on - (-)
  • 8:58pm Lightbulbs by WHite Walls on Afterthoughts In Limbo (-)
  • 8:59pm When Next We Meet by Life Stinks on - (-)
  • 9:05pm The Den by DROOL on DROOL (self released)
  • 9:05pm SammySkyves by Crown Point on Capital Offence (-)
  • 9:08pm Large Haddron Collider by Myelin Sheaths on Get On Your Nerves (-)
  • 9:11pm Nothing Left by Firewalker on Demo (-)
  • 9:12pm Dear Donny by Booji Boys on Booji Boys (-)
  • 9:13pm The Bar Is Low by Pissed Jeans on - (-)
  • 9:18pm Redwood by Westpoint on Dive (-)
  • 9:21pm Unexist by Forced Order on - (-)
  • 9:24pm Leather Bed by Faux Ferocious on Cloning the Rubicon (-)
  • 9:32pm Ramble On Rose by Grateful Dead on Europe 72 (Warner Brothers)
  • 9:33pm Satisfied by Bobby Whitlock on Raw Velvet (ABC Records)
  • 9:37pm Rain by Richard Betts on Highway Call (Capricorn)
  • 9:42pm You're So Rude by The Faces on A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse (-)
  • 9:45pm Lover of the Bayou by The Byrds on Untitled (Columbia)
  • 9:49pm Together Again by Buck Owens on Live at Carnegie Hall (Capitol)
  • 9:57pm - by Elvis Presley on How Great Thou Art (-)
  • 9:58pm Feeling Hot Hot Hot by The Merrymen on - (-)
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