The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Episode 58

  • 1:55pm Limerence by Yves Tumor on Mono No Aware (PAN)
  • 2:01pm Sea Breeze by BCPL on Construction, Rhythm (Highpoint Lowlife)
  • 2:05pm Main Champagne by BCPL on Construction, Rhythm (Highpoint Lowlife)
  • 2:08pm O-Coast by Overmono on Arla II (XL Recordings)
  • 2:12pm CHAOS RAIN by BANK OF ENGLAND on - (Ninja Tune)
  • 2:17pm Thoughts (Feat Mar-G) by Dukwa on Shattered In A Thousand Pieces (Visit
  • 2:23pm Sage Caswell by Sage Caswell on Hoop Earring (spring theory)
  • 2:29pm Save Me by Darius Vaikas on Oasis - EP (Pets)
  • 2:32pm 177 Downlow by Arnaldo on Good Music Hips, Bad Music Fists (naturist)
  • 2:37pm Simba by Verdo on Back to the Source - EP (danny was a drag king)
  • 2:42pm Morning Shift by Project Pablo on Scented Trip (spring theory)
  • 2:48pm EmilĂ© by Mark Barrott on Music for Presence (international feel)
  • 2:54pm ESC by DJ Chap on DRUM PAKK 1 (-)
  • 2:57pm Planetfall by ASOK on Virtual Light (Visit
  • 2:59pm Earthrise by Tracey on Skyfall (-)
  • 3:04pm Italo Love by Steve Murphy on Bloodcake 909 (Hot Haus Recs)
  • 3:09pm Wonky Wonky Wonky by Passarani on Analog Fingerprints Vol 1. (Numbers)
  • 3:12pm ---- by Roza Roza on Sadok Sudei (Visit
  • 3:16pm In An Emergency by Ross From Friends on Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes (Visit
  • 3:23pm Pool Party Music by Mall Grab on Pool Party Music (Hot Haus Recs)
  • 3:25pm Water Cannon by Bakradze on Before Time Altered Themtransfigured time (transfigured time)
  • 3:30pm Gem by Jesse Futerman on My Favourite Merchant (church)
  • 3:35pm Never Been in Love, Pt. III by Sam Weston on Never Been in Love (soothsayer)
  • 3:40pm Rule of Three by Marion Poncet on Chineurs de House: Chasing da Hippo (la chinerie)
  • 3:46pm I Said Goodbye To Dreams Of You At The Shore by Rimbaudian on Letters (Ten Thousand Yen)
  • 3:50pm Love Shy (Tuff Jam Vocal Mix) by Kristine Blond on Love Shy (armada)
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