march 19th

  • 10:05pm love in outerspace by A.R. Kane on I (s/t)
  • 10:06pm johnny b good by Rexy on running out of time (s/t)
  • 10:09pm shillela by hailu Mergia on hailu merger and his classical instrument (c60)
  • 10:13pm no tabac by Bitchin Bajas on transporteur (drag city)
  • 10:15pm song of my love by chuck berry on from st. louie to frisco (chess)
  • 10:28pm breeze by dean blunt on platinum tears (socco)
  • 10:30pm chameleon by herbie hancock on head hunters (columbia)
  • 10:35pm never gonna leave you by evans pyramid on Evans pyramid 78-84 (light in the attic)
  • 10:51pm hassidic pizza by tuxedo moon on pink narcissus (TX)
  • 11:02pm pony by annette peacock on I'm the one (s/t)
  • 11:08pm alien love by jackie lynn on jackie lynn (s/t)
  • 11:13pm torso corso by lizzy merce on best off (comp)
  • 11:17pm land of my dreams by anna domino on east and west (OTT)
  • 11:21pm there is no god in america by R. stevie Moore on Verve (s/t)
  • 11:24pm new age by chrome on red exposure (s/t)
  • 11:29pm blessed blackness by JB's on funky good time (people)
  • 11:35pm les djos by tp orchestra poly-rythmo on the kings of benin 1972-80 (RTHM)
  • 11:40pm one more night by can on EGE Bamyasi (spoon)
  • 11:44pm khala my friend by amanaz on music from the comedy (jagjaguwar)
  • 11:49pm vaya con dios by chuck berry on fresh berries (chess)
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