Radioculars 17//08

  • 4:01pm Pianta Road by Simon Cotter on Good Measure Part 2 EP (Aficianado)
  • 4:01pm Kite by Eric Howl on Kite (self-released)
  • 4:07pm Disco Kid by Chaz Bunick Meets The Mattson 2 on Star Stuff (Company Records)
  • 4:10pm Catastrophe by Hollow Everdaze on Cartoons (Deaf Ambitions)
  • 4:15pm Beaches by Gabriella Cohen on Full Closure and No Details (Captured Tracks)
  • 4:18pm Somebody by Dream Wife on single (Lucky Number)
  • 4:23pm Love Is Love by Woods on single (Woodsist)
  • 4:28pm 1000 Times by Toma on Aroma (self-released)
  • 4:31pm Petals by Tops on Sugar at the Gate (Arbutus Records)
  • 4:34pm Michy Maus by B. Bullion on single (Deek Recordings)
  • 4:36pm Thinkin' of the USA by Asphalt on Hamburger Saignant II (Frantic City Records)
  • 4:42pm Minnesota by The Courtneys on III (Flying Nun Records)
  • 4:45pm Different Now by Chastity Belt on Different Now (Hardly Art)
  • 4:48pm Hiding To Nothing by Lovely Bad Things on Nobodied (self-released)
  • 4:52pm Talk 2 Her by Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs on Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs (Burger Records)
  • 4:56pm 10 Fingers by Abadabad on Touch the Feel (self-released)
  • 5:03pm Bunker Funk by Damaged Bug on Bunker Funk (Castle Face Records)
  • 5:06pm Level 1 by Al Lover Meets Cairo Liberation Front on Al Lover Meets Cairo Liberation Front (HÖGA NORD REKORDS)
  • 5:10pm Don't End Up Alone by Presentable Corpse on single (Grey Market)
  • 5:13pm As Above, So Below by Hnry Flwr on HNRY FLWR (Paper Garden Records)
  • 5:17pm Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas) by Downtown Boys on Somos Chulas (Sub Pop)
  • 5:21pm Captain's Dead by The Coathangers on single (Suicide Squeeze)
  • 5:25pm Jame Gumb by The Parrots on Los Ninos Sin Miedo (Heavenly Recordings)
  • 5:27pm Painting a Picture by John Andrews & The Yawns on Bad Posture (Woodsist Records)
  • 5:30pm White Fish by Haiduks on 1968 (Burger Records)
  • 5:33pm Evolution by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Oh, Evolution (Burger Records)
  • 5:38pm You've Got Me by Alex Napping on Mise En Place (Father/Daughter Records)
  • 5:42pm Prequel by Reptaliens on single (Captured Tracks)
  • 5:46pm 123 by Girlpool on Powerplant (ANTI-Records)
  • 5:49pm Heaven Couldn't Wait by Emotional on The Band (Death Records)
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