has come a long way in four years. We've built not only a nearly 24 hour broadcast schedule packed with awesome shows, but also an amazing camaraderie among our DJs, listeners, and partners.

But, the time had come once again to turn our attention to the website itself. Today we say bon voyage to 2.0 and welcome 3.0 (You want to REALLY trip down memory lane? here's what the original site looked like. Yikes!) 

We're beyond stoked to share this beautiful new site with you.

The whole thing looks super profesh thanks to our first ever DJ, and obviously super talented designer, Caryn Kesler. You'll notice more of Allison Gore's cool and quirky cartoons throughout the site, too! 

Software engineer extraordinaire and Eclectic Kettle host Ben Ward painstakingly coded the whole site, enhancing the user experience in too many ways to list, but hey, let's try! Here are the biggest improvements you'll notice: 

  • More intuitive navigation. We've added convenient bread crumbs and other features, like improved genre tagging, that make it easier than ever to find new stuff you'll love.
  • Super speedy, even on mobile. This site uses much less data, making it easier to load on the go. You don't need to rely on third-party apps anymore...just bookmark our site on your homescreen for one-click
  • Improved show archives. Past episodes of all shows are now easier to explore and play, with ability to quickly toggle between archives and the live broadcast whenever you see a track that catches your eye.
  • Better DJ profile pages. Does your favorite DJ host multiple shows? Write witty blog posts? Now you'll see all the great content our DJs produce by visiting their profiles.
  • Easier ability to support us. We've made it easy to support your favorite show with a donation in just a few clicks. You can also now purchase most tracks we play via Amazon, which kicks us back a small percentage. Every little bit helps!

It's important to note that this project was powered entirely by dedicated DJs who volunteered hours upon hours of their time to make this slick new site a reality. I truly appreciate that has grown into a community of super talented people who put so much of themselves back into it...and nothing exemplifies that ethos more than this amazing new site!

But enough blabbing- let's get listening! 

- Amanda Guest, founder of