Third list! One more to go. No genre theme this time, but I excluded drone & metal records because they have their own lists. Although there are a few that almost made it onto either of those other lists...
5:15am, 12/22/2015
The B0ardcast Top 5 Twee Punk Hits of 2015!
4:47pm, 12/21/2015
Best Frequencies Forever (AKA has become one of San Francisco’s strongest and most successful community radio outlets, playing everything from Indie Rock, current electronic, to Spooky Horoscopes and all things San Francisco.
4:47pm, 12/20/2015
Catch Luke Swoony...oops we mean Sweeney along with Bart Davenport Music, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Anna Hillburg, DONCAT, Michael Shaw & Jitsun Vincent, with DJ Golden Gram!
3:42pm, 12/15/2015
DJ Benedict Arnold's Top 5 British Records of 2015
12:25pm, 12/13/2015
Ash from TMN picks his top 5 albums and top 15 tracks of 2015!
2:11pm, 12/10/2015
Whoa. Whoa! Whoaaaa! I can't be the end of the year already. Damn, and my hangover just started. Check out this prime cuts of musical beef from 2015
3:21pm, 12/02/2015
Sagittarius: This is a month for taking a beat, for getting centered, for finding the small, still orb inside you that lights your path ahead...
1:16pm, 12/01/2015
I’ve never done a full metal-only list, but honestly I listen to wayyyyy more metal than I ever write about on AGB, so this sort of makes up for that I guess.
12:33pm, 12/01/2015
There was so much amazing fucking music this year, I had to put together not one, not two, but FOUR lists, this is the first of em, and it’s a fuckin doozy, since there were way too many killer drone records.
12:30pm, 12/01/2015
VIPs get a tote bag stuffed with musical goodies, plus other surprises! All other tickets are name your price, with all proceeds helping us update our main studio broadcast console.
5:39pm, 11/24/2015
"But San Francisco radio isn’t dead — it’s arguably closer to its roots than radio stations have brought the pirate radio vibe back..."
11:07am, 11/16/2015
Give thanks for face-melting riffs, as we continue our Thanksgiving tradition...DJ Teitan will spin metal all night at Pops after dinner. Digest that!
9:18am, 11/15/2015
Our last update from Iceland Airwaves. What a great festival it was! We're so glad to have been able to cover it these past four days. Read more...
9:47am, 11/08/2015
It's been a damp Airwaves so far, but with so much great music, it's easy to still feel warm and cozy inside! Here are just some of the highlights...
5:53am, 11/06/2015
Hear highlights from the Lucky Records Off-Venue during Iceland Airwaves 2015
11:06am, 11/05/2015
Part 2 of our coverage of Iceland Airwaves. Read about what went down at the Agent Fresco, Berndsen, dj. flugvél og geimskip, Mr Silla & Mitski shows & more.
5:52am, 11/05/2015
Highlights from Day 1 of Iceland Airwaves music festival. Amanda & Mai saw nearly a dozen bands in one day! (but don't worry, they narrowed it down for you.)
2:56pm, 11/04/2015