Spooky scary! Check out all the musical tricks and treats you can expect to hear on the air.
7:50pm, 10/25/2015
Beatrix Gravesguard and Shewolfe are two San Francisco DJ’s bringing some spookiness to the airwaves at BFF.fm., haunting from a discrete location where life-like papier-mâché trees creep up the walls and hang from the ceiling.
11:23am, 10/20/2015
Cosmic Amanda & Mai are in Reykjavík and will be blogging throughout the fest PLUS BFF.fm will be livestreaming from Lucky Records, where we're we're co-presenting a showcase!
6:51pm, 10/19/2015
We're in the Chronicle! Check out which band on the Treasure Island Music Festival line up got the most spins on BFF.fm this summer, plus see who DJ Cosmic Amanda is most excited to see this weekend.
5:24pm, 10/13/2015
BFF.fm is sponsoring week 3 of this spooktacular event with killer West Coast bands, food trucks, horror film projections, new Growwler music giveaways & candy. (obvi)
1:05pm, 10/12/2015
Listener Derrick surprised everyone by proposing to his girlfriend Adrienne live on the air! Hear a clip of how it all went down.
11:53am, 10/11/2015
The Lovemakers, a cult-classic new wave band from Oakland CA, are rekindling their sonic romance and can't wait to spread the love...on Deep Listening, this Sunday at 11:00am PST.
3:48pm, 10/09/2015
Libra: This month is for getting to the heart of the matter, for keeping your eyes open even when you’re underwater, for demanding the truth even if it hurts.
12:12pm, 10/07/2015
Sounds In The Dark celebrates its final SF broadcast with what can only be described as an ambient/drone event of epic proportions.
12:14pm, 9/27/2015
One woman black metal debut full-length on Relapse Records.
12:37pm, 9/25/2015
Join SFMOMA Family Projects for a special day in Yerba Buena Gardens with artist Josh Short & his Bomb Shelter Radio for your chance to become a radio star. BFF.fm will be providing a live stream, so tune in all day!
4:35pm, 9/22/2015
Infectious, glammed-out pop rock brought to you by a couple of Brooklyn punk gender clowns.
12:05am, 9/19/2015
An unforgettable evening of "dreamare shoegaze noise rock," "experimental psychedelic garage pop," & "glitch mathjazz."
12:31pm, 9/15/2015
Blaine Todd drops by BFF.fm for a live set from his new record, Dillingham!
8:16am, 9/15/2015
An architectural tour of Battles' The Yabba.
8:25am, 9/14/2015
Canadian underlords of nihilistic warrior cult death metal ADVERSARIAL have crawled up from the depths to unleash their first full-length album since 2010.
3:11pm, 9/04/2015
ALREADY? AUUUUUUGH! Anyway, thank YOU for continuing to make our tiny station so god damned awesome!
10:59am, 9/02/2015
Virgo: This is a good month for letting all your wayward sadnesses and crooked issues leak out of you like a deflated balloon...
10:09am, 9/01/2015
On an On talk new album, tour + ticket giveaway on I Rock I Roll Radio. The trio have a new album out and a show in SF on 9/3 at Rickshaw Stop.
9:28pm, 8/25/2015