Black, death, doom, trad, NWOBHM and everything in between! Basically if you love Judas Priest, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone and Thin Lizzy, come chill with us!
12:02pm, 7/28/2015
Steve Foxx reviews The Nerv's "Trust in Fire" for SFBAM Magazine: "Maybe you’re not old enough to remember the good ole days of Northern California Hardcore, or maybe you can’t remember it from all the cracked 40’s and cross tops you ingested..."
2:45pm, 7/22/2015
We were picked for our stellar tweets on topics such as radio, music, DJing, the Mission, and community. If you don't follow us, get on that!
4:14pm, 7/14/2015
Astral Projection Radio Hour has been serving up custom horoscopes with snack and music pairings every Tuesday 4–6pm PT on They call them Snack-o-scopes. And each month we partner with Flavorpill to present your monthly forecast!
7:49pm, 7/06/2015
Kick off 4th of July weekend with Cosmic Amanda! Pledge allegiance to classic disco, funk, house and afro beat jams. Our forefathers invented this great nation just so you can do a bunch of woo woo shots and dance like nobody's watching.
10:20am, 7/03/2015
come out. do a pickleback. no work on friday (if u livin that corpie lyfe) so u have no excuse THO.
2:20pm, 7/02/2015
ZeroOne from radio's popular Hang the DJ show stops by Madrone for a mid week dance party spinning the best of New Wave, Post-Punk & Synth-Pop.
2:37pm, 6/26/2015
We are thrilled to have achieved our goal and couldn't be more honored by your support. Pat yourself on the back, high five a stranger, or come visit us for a warm hug. You deserve it.
12:08pm, 6/26/2015
Come work it out with DJs ZeroOne & Cosmic Amanda as we kick off Pride weekend with you, and spin classic disco, funk, and dance jams all night! 6pm - close
9:10am, 6/25/2015
DJ Cosmic Amanda will be spinning classic disco, funk, soul, and afro beat jams to celebrate the last big push for pledges in's first Kickstarter to Build Studio B!
1:27pm, 6/22/2015
Drummer, guitarist, and professional noise maker Scott Moore of Flesh World comes by the studio.
6:33pm, 6/18/2015
Come hither worshippers of thy riff! There will be plenty of rippers from Venom, Black Sabbath, Bathory and Judas Priest! All vinyl all night! No cover! Cheap drinks! Free requests! All riffs! No funny stuff!
12:06pm, 6/17/2015
The Studio B Kickstarter is in its homestretch so it's time to hustle! Blow the dust off your boogie shoes and get funky with DJs Cosmic Amanda, Fortune & OneMoHit, PLUS the exciting debut of DJ The Chapel bar 9pm
4:13pm, 6/12/2015
Steve Foxx's dark, moody rock meets NITEPPL's Wizardy in a post edm madness, that will make you dance on your bar stool. Drink up, because every pint or shot supports community radio.
9:49am, 6/08/2015
Dylan and Sinclair of local dreampop-shoegaze-rock group Plush stop by The Secret Alley to help takeover the airwaves alongside DJ E.
12:49pm, 6/04/2015
"Since their inaugural show in January 2014, Astral Projection Radio Hour has been serving up custom horoscopes with snack and music pairings every Tuesday 4–6pm PT on They call them Snack-o-scopes, and they’ve been generous enough to share."
2:27pm, 6/02/2015
Drenge "has grown into the kind of live act that incites full-on freak-outs from audiences." YES! Come party with us!
10:45am, 6/01/2015
"We listened to some great music and talked about Brian's experience and history producing, upcoming projects and a great conversation about the developing situation in Baltimore/Ferguson."
11:33am, 5/31/2015
The hello, cheetle. ladies are at it again! And DJs Jess of Tuff Signals & Cosmic Amanda will be spinning jams at the after party.
12:16am, 5/29/2015
Help us take our independent radio station to the next level with a second studio: more shows, more events, more fun -- even BETTER Frequencies Forever.
12:00pm, 5/27/2015