By day, Nora works in Digital Marketing. She has also worked at Atlantic Records as an A&R, did PR for Carly Simon and Ben Taylor, and music supervision/talent for Oxygen (yes, the cable network that has brought you classic programming such as the Bad Girls Club and Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency). She has written a music blog for the past 10 years,

Nora moved to San Francisco from Brooklyn about two years ago and lives in a pink building in the Mission but is originally from Chicago where they have the best hotdogs and the best pizza and the worst baseball team (although slightly improving, so she hears).

She also enjoys crock pot cooking, collecting nail polish, all content related to cats, being self deprecating on the internet and currently has a minor obsession with Lindsey Buckingham which essentially makes her a 60 year old woman at heart.

She does not enjoy Pearl Jam, Zooey Deschanel, cankles, and people who eat food in the locker room at the gym.