Full Schedule
A little fluff, a lot of black hole.
The best new underground music from around the Interwebs.
Icelandic Music & Other Stuff Too.
Mixing a musical nightcap of ambient bliss
Strange bleeps, bloops, and rhythms from all types of eras.
Up & coming local acts and touring bands.
oddities and obscur-ish musics from around the world, and across time.
From the Southern Pacific, we are here to groove you. - WS .❍.
An eclectic mix of recently released music fused with tunes from the pioneers who inspired our contemporary favorites.
Eclectic, wacky, wild & fresh underground pop w/Coco from the music blog, Coco Stereo.
Music from the coldest days of the Cold War (1977-1984).
Bad vibes; aural negativity in all its forms and functions
the fast // the slow // grindcore // punk // metal // doom // horror movies // indie // a little bit of everything with a focus on local acts.
++ ambient grime, bit-shifted beats, dub, r'n'b, mutant electronics ++
Uninterrupted instrumentals designed to induce a state of Flow.
I came to shred but ripped instead
The best independent music from both sides of the continent.
music to make you feel good (or sometimes more bad)
post-rock, lo-fi, surf-rock, new wave, synth pop, garage, shoegaze & all that is holy
Ease your mid-week state of mind.
Interesting sounds & dope beats from Los Angeles & beyond!
A journey through the intergalactic world of Sun Ra, his Arkestra and admirers.
Synths, indie, garage, punk, hip-hop, classic country, psych & much more.
Keep the weekend buzz going at Last Call.
An eclectic vinyl experiment.
A mesmerizing dip into the minimal and strange.