Megan's Miscellaneous Music Hour
Megan's Miscellaneous Music Hour
  • Saturdays, 12:00pm1:00pm

Megan's Miscellaneous Music Hour

This show was created in order to showcase new, local artists and artists that are playing in the bay area. However it has developed into a music show comprised of my favorites, which include the previously mentioned themes as well. Some shows will be music you've heard before, but with discussion explaining the musicality of a song or artist in general. 


Broadcast Archive

12:00pm, 9/09/2017
12:00pm, 9/02/2017
12:00pm, 8/26/2017
12:00pm, 8/19/2017
12:00pm, 8/05/2017
12:00pm, 7/29/2017
12:00pm, 7/01/2017
12:00pm, 5/27/2017
12:00pm, 5/20/2017