Comoloco draws on their vibrant musical backgrounds from Chile, Peru, Mexico, United States and Argentina to create an unforgettable blend of rock, funk, reggae and cumbia rhythms. Enjoy the band performing acoustic in-studio and presenting their music. Plus new music from Blay Ambolley, Cilantro Boombox, Five Alarm Funk, Gerardo Frisina, Ondatropica, Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang, Ree Keen, Spam Allstars, Thornato, Vieux Farka Toure.


  1. Let Your Light Shine by Cilantro Boombox
  2. Ruby Carat by Spam Allstars
  3. Incanto by Gerardo Frisina
  4. sin maldar (live at by Comoloco
  5. Florecer (live at by Comoloco
  6. La Trampa (live at by Comoloco
  7. La Ultima Ves (unreleased) by Comoloco
  8. Volver a querer (live at by Comoloco
  9. El Oro de la Tolita (feat. Taribo) by Thornato
  10. Blue Latin by Gerardo Frisina
  11. Lazalypso by Ondatropica
  12. Cosquilla by Spam Allstars
  13. Somos Candela by Chico Mann & Captain Planet
  14. Makossa Con Son by Cilantro Beatbox
  15. Malaria by Ondatropica
  16. Makeeni by Ree Keen
  17. Ketan by Blay Ambolley
  18. Build Music by Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang
  19. Hot Damn by Five Alarm Funk
  20. Penso Positivo by Jovanotti