The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest DJ Tone Commander 4/4/2017!


  1. Your's Truly, 2095 by ELO on Time
  2. Heart Telegraph by The Divinyls on What A Life!
  3. Johnny and Mary by Robert Palmer on Clues
  4. Always Crashing In The Same Car by David Bowie on Low
  5. Blurred Girl by John Foxx on Metamatic
  6. Silhouette by Cruex Lies on unreleased
  7. Evacuation Immediate by Exces Nocturne
  8. La Vie Devant Soi by Decades on Le Jour Se Leve
  9. Fashion Dance by Feu Ma Mere on Seasons Of Mournful
  10. My Bone by Altar De Fey on Original Sin: An Anthology Of The Early Years
  11. Conquistador by Theatre Of Hate on Westworld
  12. Bird Song by Lene Lovich on Flex
  13. Slow Learner by Telepathe (Telepathy) on Destroyer
  14. Living A Boy's Adventure Tale by A-ha on Hunting High And Low
  15. Visions In Blue by Ultravox on Quartet
  16. A Fate Like This by Battery on Distance
  17. The Jazz Butcher Meets Dracula by The Jazz Butcher on The Gift Of Music
  18. In The Mood by Alphaville on Forever Young
  19. Luminescent Sun by Devoured By Flowers on The Luminescent EP
  20. I'll Be Your Chauffeur by David J on Songs From Another Season