A Thick Mist (April 17, 2017)

Some good stuff going on here, especially the end of The Thine Blue Line Score bleeding into Aseethe’s plodding doom, as well as hearing Arcangelo Calobrisi talk about why they should stop using the word “shock” when talking about shock therapy played alongside the minimalist of minimal Eleh drones.


  1. When I Cross Over by Boyd Rivers on You Can't Make Me Doubt (Mississippi)
  2. Aporia:Kala:Ananta Part I by Wolvserpent on Aporia:Kala:Ananta (Relapse)
  3. Hitting The Pavement by Kevin Drumm on Sheer Hellish Miasma (Editions Mego)
  4. In The Bathhouse Of Abulafia by Northern Command Band on Come On Now (CBS)
  5. Night Of Pure Energy / Death Is Eternal Bliss by Eleh on Radiant Intervals I (Important)
  6. Side B by Arcangelo Calobrisi on The First Encounter (Folkways)
  7. Blame Not A Woman by Ed McCurdy on Lyrica Erotica Vol 3: Women's Delights (Prestige International)
  8. Constellation by Mesarthim on Pillars (Avantgarde)
  9. Bambu Bambu by Carmen Miranda on South American Way (MCA)
  10. Crossbones Skully by Aunt Molly Jackson on Library Of Congress Recordings (Rounder)
  11. Jerusalem, The Religious Center by Yehuda Lev on The Sounds Of Jerusalem (Folkways)
  12. LikeYesterday / Common Ground by Drekka reworks Annelies Monseré on Verjaardag (Bluesanct / Red Frost Industries)
  13. Harris' Crimes, Part Three / Hell On Earth / Harris' Childhood / The Confession / End Credits by Philip Glass on The Thin Blue Line Score (Nonesuch)
  14. Barren Soil by Aseethe on Hopes Of Failure (Thrill Jockey)
  15. Paucartambo: Contradanza, Fiesta Al Virgen del Carmen by Unknown artist on Fiestas Of Peru: Music Of The High Andes (Nonesuch)
  16. Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone (For Lamonte Young) by Keith Fullerton Whitman on Antithesis (Kranky)
  17. Bad Luck by Sonny Terry on Sonny Is King (Prestige)
  18. Corporeal Treatment by Gloam on Hex Of Nine Heads (Gilead Media)