Episode 17: Cassidy Martin


  1. Night In Tunisia by Masekela on I Am Not Afraid (Blue Note)
  2. Necessary Evil by Unknown Mortal Orchestra on Multi-Love (Jagjaguwar)
  3. Solstice by Brian Bennett on Voyage (DJM Records)
  4. Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller Band on Fly Like An Eagle (Capitol)
  5. Think (about it) by Lyn Collins on Think (about it) (People Records)
  6. Microphone King by Erik E & Rakim on Creative Music (Creative Music)
  7. The Grass "weed" Dub by Sly & Robbie on KingTubby's Dancehall Dub (Abraham)
  8. Rumors of War by Art & Craft Players on Rumors of War (Self Released)
  9. Feel Flows by Beach Boys on Feel Flows (Capitol)
  10. Croydon Depot by Henry Wu on Good Morning Peckham (Rhythm Section International)
  11. Futureproofing by Actress on Splazsh (Honest Jon's Records)
  12. Falling Acid by Tin Man on Keys of Life (Sahko Recordings)
  13. Acid Martin by Fantastic Man on Galactic Ectasy (Kitjen)
  14. Conga Jam by Tlim Shug on Surfer Dude EP (Rush Hour)
  15. So Close by Cherushi on So Close (100% Silk)
  16. Drift by Dj Swagger x Dj Aedidias on CTBON (CTBON)
  17. Oozecity by LNRDCROY on Metroplis & Mental Life (Mood Hut Records)
  18. Melancholy by Disco Nihilist on Musik For Autobahns (Rush Hour)
  19. Ocean View by Nackt & CM-4 on The Nite Owl Diner (The Nite Owl Diner)
  20. Flip Side by Four Tet + Champion on Flip Side (TEXT03)
  21. Fadin Away by The Hacker on Melodies en sous-sol (Good Life)
  22. I Would Die 4 U by Prince on Purple Rain (Warner Bros)
  23. Street Life by Crusaders on Street Life 300 S. (MCA Records)