The Monday Lineup Episode #28: feat. live performance by cellist Joshua McClain!

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This week I am so thrilled to be joined in the studio with cellist Josh McClain for an interview and live cello performance unlike anything you've ever heard (unless of course you've already heard Josh play, in which case, you already understand why his performances are so special). 

Josh is based out of Oakland, but has played cello with his loop machine for captive audiences all over the world. Fresh off a tour around Germany, Josh and I discuss all sorts of things from house concerts (Josh's favorite way to share is music), how he successfully crowdfunded his upcoming full length album, who his biggest musical inspirations are (and who he dreams of playing with someday), Ayahuasca journeys in Peru, his relationship with his cello and a whole lot more. And of course I let Josh play DJ for a bit as well.

Josh's album will be out this year, and you can still help to make it a reality by contributing to his Indiegogo campaign right here

It's also super easy to host your own house concert and bring Josh's live show to your living room - trust me, your friends will thank you forever. You can contact Josh via his website here

And so you can get a picture of what was going behind the scenes:

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