The Revolution Summer 004


  1. Set Phasers to Stun by Taking Back Sunday on Where You Want to Be (Victory)
  2. Comeback by Petal on scout (run for cover)
  3. A Man Stands Alone by Boris Smile on my lobe powered by 10,000 practice amps (count your lucky stars)
  4. you ain't no saint by aaron west and the roaring twenties on we don't hve each other (hopeless)
  5. liquid courage by pianos become the teeth on the lack long after (topshelf)
  6. most nights by owen on owen (polyvinyl)
  7. woe by say aything on a real boy (dog house)
  8. cassyflies by friction on hours of operation (polyvinyl)
  9. fight of the mariner by be still, cody on the mariner (broken world media)
  10. broken sound by a new found glory on nothing gold can stay (drive thru)
  11. autumn in new london by joie de vivre on the north end (count your lucky stars)
  12. when the bombs go off by the new trust on we are fast moving motherfuckers... (slowdance)
  13. Rascuache by At the Drive-In on vaya (fearless)
  14. potted planet meets vintage amp by pet symmetry on split (soft speak)
  15. he'd rather not watch by twelve hour turn on split (push pull)
  16. seven day candle by christie front drive on christie front drive (caulfield)
  17. cooke by modern baseball on sports (lame-o)
  18. i'm afraid of everything by braid on i'm afraid of everything (polyvinyl)
  19. this, plus slow song by karate on in place of real insight (southern)
  20. marigold & patchwork by applessed cast on the end of the ring wars (deep elm)
  21. coffee with tom by tiny moving parts on seven inch (skeletal lightning)
  22. the day that dale earnhardt died by the rum diary on a key to slow time (springman)
  23. venus and bacchus by saetia on saetia (level plane)
  24. the days i recall being wonderful by last days of april on angel youth (bad taste)
  25. deadbolt by thrice on the illusion of safety (sub city)
  26. nervous kids by tigers jaw on charmer (run for cover)
  27. using by sorority noise on joy, departed (topshelf)
  28. I Like Being A Millionaire You Will Too, Believe Me by Look Mexico on this is animal music (lujo)
  29. get well soon by reggie & the full effect on songs not to get married to (vagrant)
  30. boston by moose blood on boston//orlando (fist in the air)
  31. level head by have mercy on the earth pushed back (top shelf)
  32. gentleman caller by cusive on the ugly organ (saddlecreek)
  33. dog walk by pity sex on dark world (run for cover)