A Thick Mist (May 8, 2017)

I finally figured out the new recording equipment so this episode should sound fine. Got to play a bunch of stuff from the Lomax box set on Mississppi, Root Hog Or Die and I found out about Ánde Somby and yoiking from Josh Mason on Twitter, so it seemed fitting to play Somby & Mason together. Also, I fucking love Ragana you guys. You need to get on that shit if you haven’t already. Everything they do is amazing.


  1. Steal Away / Didn't Hear Nobody Pray by Rev. R. C. Crenshaw & Greater Harvest M. B. Church Congregation on Root Hog Or Die (Mississippi)
  2. Side B by Boris on Boris At Last -Feedbacker- (Conspiracy)
  3. Nyamaropa Yekutanga by Kwaramba Village musicians on Africa - Shona Mbira Music (Nonesuch)
  4. For Organ And Brass by Ellen Arkbro on For Organ And Brass (Subtext)
  5. Side C by Geoffrey Chaucer read by Prunella Scales and Richard Bebb on The Wife Of Bath's Tale (Argo)
  6. You Take Nothing by Ragana on You Take Nothing (self released)
  7. Tonada by Quechua musicians on Instruments And Music Of Bolivia (Folkways)
  8. Dying In A Banana Grove by Josh Mason on The Symbiont (Sunshine Ltd.)
  9. Wolf by Ánde Somby on Yoiking With The Winged Ones (Ash International)
  10. Memories Of The 1940 National Folk Festival / Fisher's Hornpipe by Uncle Alec (Eck) Dunford on Root Hog Or Die (Mississippi)
  11. Consuelate Como Yo by Havana musicians on Festival In Havana (Riverside)
  12. Light Falls I-III by Wrekmeister Harmonies on Light Falls (Thrill Jockey)
  13. Hundredth Man Blues by Bukka White on Root Hog Or Die (Mississippi)