TAL115 - My Favorite Genre: 90s Post-Hardcore


  1. Breathe by Jawbox on For Your Own Special Sweetheart (Atlantic)
  2. I Sold Myself In by Burning Airlines on Mission: Control! (DeSoto)
  3. The Licensee by Channels on Waiting for the Next End of the World (Dischord)
  4. Harden Your Heart by Office Of Future Plans on Office Of Future Plans (Dischord)
  5. Hit Liquor by Shudder To Think on Pony Express Record (Epic)
  6. Automatic by Kerosene 454 on At Zero (Slowdime)
  7. Gainer by Bluetip on Dischord No. 101 (Dischord)
  8. Bed For The Scraping by Fugazi on Red Medicine (Dischord)
  9. You Must Be Stopped by Chavez on Ride The Fader (Matador)
  10. Landmine Spring by Quicksand on Manic Compression (Island)
  11. Used For Glue by Rival Schools on United By Fate (Island)
  12. Exile by Vanishing Life on Surveillance (Dine Alone)
  13. Knock Yr Daylights Out by Crain on Heater (Restless)
  14. Collectors by Candy Machine on A Modest Proposal (EastWest)
  15. Nondescriptionist Ethic by Giants Chair on Purity And Control (Caulfield)
  16. Surgery by Shiner on The Egg (DeSoto)
  17. Golden Brown by Drive Like Jehu on Yank Crime (Interscope)
  18. Featurist by aMiniature on Depth Five Rate Six (Restless)
  19. Academy Flight Song by No Knife on Fire In The City Of Automatons (Time Bomb)
  20. Ben Gurion by Hot Snakes on Suicide Invoice (Swami)
  21. Corpse Pose by Unwound on Repetition (Kill Rock Stars)
  22. You Can Be Low by Mavis Piggott on You Can Be Low (Flydaddy)
  23. Help Is On The Way by Juno on A Future Lived In Past Tense (DeSoto)
  24. Speakers Push The Air by Pretty Girls Make Graves on Good Health (Lookout!)
  25. That's When The Party Started by The Dismemberment Plan on The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified (DeSoto)
  26. Here Come The Automata by Trenchmouth on Vs. The Light Of The Sun (Skene!)
  27. Hello Blood by We Versus The Shark on Dirty Versions (Hello Sir)
  28. Y Plus White Girl by Q And Not U on No Kill No Beep Beep (Dischord)
  29. Good Behavior by Two Inch Astronaut on Personal Life (Exploding In Sound)