sunday whyho?


  1. tambura by ramsey lewis on sun godess (columbia)
  2. and that too by badbad not good on IV (S?T)
  3. springtime again by sun ra on sleeping beauty (saturn records)
  4. everyday, I dont. by anna domino on east and west (OTT)
  5. spanish moss by bill cobham on crosswinds (CTI)
  6. drawl by 18 plus on s/t (nior sound)
  7. its a shame my store isn't open by natural child on okey dokey (s/r)
  8. speaking gently by badbadnotgood on IV (s/r)
  9. 5. Almost Washed My Hair (Live at WFMU) by Purling Hiss on s/t (s/r)
  10. green arrow by yo la tengo on i can hear the heart beating as one (reprise)
  11. Hot Burrito #1 by The Flying Burrito Brothers on The Gilded Palace of Sin (A&M Records)
  12. between the thighs by weather report on tale spinnin' (atlantic)
  13. can we reprogram ourselves? by jerry paper on fuzzy logic (s/r)
  14. benny's here by natural child on okey dokey (s/r)
  15. no hole in my head by malvina reynolds on rainbow quest (s/t)
  16. androids wedding by micheal bundt on neon (electric city)
  17. bra joe/terrys tune by don cherry on organic music theater (Impulse)