The Revolution Summer 007


  1. I Want To Hear You Sad by The Early November on For All Of This (Drive Thru)
  2. Trial At Orleans by Joan of Arc on The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc (Polyvinyl)
  3. Yellow Means Slow Down by Logh on Everytime A Bell Rings An ANgel Gets His Wings (Bad Taste)
  4. Enter With a Bullet by Kissing Chaos on Enter With a Bullet (Fueld By Ramen)
  5. Circles by Dag Nasty on Can I Say (Dischord)
  6. Seasonal Abjective Disorder by Kittyhawk on Hello, Again (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  7. Anomie by Affrontement on Anomie (Ape)
  8. Dirty Is Pretty by Her Breath On Glass on Building Monuments To Survival (Nimbus Module)
  9. In One Word by Kid Icarus on Kid Icarus (Self Released)
  10. Can You Feel It, Captain Compost?! by My Heart To Joy on Heavenly Bodies (Triumph of Life)
  11. Sideways Looker by Samuel on Lives of Insects (Art Monk)
  12. My Fist Smells Like Graveyard by Funeral Diner on Three Sides Dead (LilacSky)
  13. Thw Greatest Fall of All Time by Matchbook Romance on West for Wishing (Epitaph)
  14. And You're Wondering How A Floor Could Replace Heaven by City of Caterpillar on City of Caterpillar (Level Plane)
  15. Giving Up by Silverstein on When Broken Is Easily Fixed (Victory)
  16. Champion City by Book Of Caverns on Homes (Clue #2)
  17. I Love The Way She Said L.A. by Spitalfield on Remember Right Now (Victory)
  18. So Long, Conneticut by Young English on Split (Panic)
  19. The Glass Aftermath by Map Of Tulsa on Map Of Tulsa (Self Released)
  20. Wheaton Calling by Burning Airlines on Mission: Control (DeSoto)
  21. The Earth Sleeps by Shirokuma on Split (Dog Knight)
  22. Anchor by Cave In on Antenna (RCA)
  23. 101 by Engin Down on Engine Down (Lookout!)
  24. Gunshot and the Jogger by Giants Chair on Red and Clear (Caulfield)
  25. Perfect Pair by ONELINEDRAWING on The Visitor (Jade Tree)
  26. Dear Lyndsay, No Regrets by The Lyndsay Diaries on Remember the Memories (The Militia Group)
  27. Bonus Track by The New Amsterdams on Never You Mind (Vagrant)
  28. Crawl by Two Tongues on Two Tongues (Vagrant)
  29. Voice by 1905 on Voice (Aor Y Lucha)
  30. I Never Wanted You by Headphones on Headphones (Suicide Squeeze)
  31. Shallow Like Yours Breath by Elliott on False Cathedrials (Revelation)