Best of 2014 Pt. 1


  1. I Wanna See by MCFERRDOG on Club Amniotics (1080p)
  2. Shake by LV & Josh Idehen on Islands (Keysound)
  3. Unfinished Business by TALA on Alchemy EP (Aesop)
  4. thievery by arca on xen (mute)
  5. video girl by fka twigs on lp1 (young turks)
  6. Pulsing (ft Nina K) by Tomas Barfod on Love Me (Secretly canadian)
  7. Yaruto by Kalipo on Yaruto (Antime)
  8. fault lines by beacon on l1 (ghostly international)
  9. quiet day by lusine on arterial (ghostly international)
  10. emanate (tom gillieron remix) by phoria on display (x novo)
  11. stay a while by william (bleep)
  12. w h a t w e g o t by yandere
  13. harikiri by ceo on wonderland (modular)
  14. reykjavik by shallou on years ep
  15. a glimpse by rustie on green language (warp)
  16. snow in newark by ryan hemsworth on alone for the first time (last gang)
  17. kemo walk by john walt
  18. be ache by georgia
  19. ghost story by araabmuzik
  20. heart by deja
  21. just once (mssingno remix) by shura
  22. the boy by julian earle (ventura)
  23. our love by caribou on our love (merge)
  24. open ft ryan ashley by cyril hahn
  25. move me (taches remix) by wet
  26. usf by sibilant