Flow Radio Summers Eve


  1. If We Make it to the Promise Land by Keno Love on Button Poetry (NA)
  2. Rain Dance by Oddisee on The Iceberg (Mello Music Group)
  3. Let it Pass by Jakob Ogawa on NA (NA)
  4. Good Morning Neighbor by Blu & Exile on NA (Sound in Color)
  5. Enjoy by 9th Wonder feat Warren G, Murs and Kendrick Lamar on The Wonder Years
  6. Love Falls Down by Poppy Ajudah on NA (NA)
  7. Wake Up by Zion I on The Labrynth (NA)
  8. Alarm by Anne-Marie on NA (NA)
  9. Crowded Places by Banks on NA (NA)
  10. Pink + White by Frank Ocean on Blonde (Odd Future)
  11. Pink Crayons by Asia Samson on Button Poetry (NA)
  12. Zuko by Che Lingo on NA (NA)
  13. Things by Oddisee on The Iceber (Mello Music Group)
  14. Diggin Deep by Oddisee on The Iceberg (Mellow Music Group)
  15. Die With a Smile (Live) by FKJ on NA (NA)
  16. Mother by Mogli and Novaa on NA (NA)
  17. All Out by Anna Lunoe on Future Classic (NA)
  18. Phithy Mix by Phlithy on Flow Radio (BFF.fm)